About Doc N' Roll

The Creator

Dr. Craig Dossman, Jr, known affectionately to his friend and patients as ‘Doc’, is touted as one of the top sports medicine practitioners in Southern California. He is sought out by competitors at every level, from youth sporting leagues to Elite Olympic athletes, as well as professional entertainers for whom physical fitness and athletic execution are paramount to success. He started to notice the healing power of his touch at a young age when interacting with his family members and friends. He noticed the impact of his hand on the shoulder of someone who needed consolation, and how his embrace would always lift the spirits of those he loved. He recognizes now that he was helping to heal people early on before he even fully recognized his capabilities. He received his Doctorate in Chiropractic at the young age of 25, and from there he launched a career that would be the envy of many; no matter what their line of work is. 

Doc is loved and respected within the Long Beach community for his care and dedication to the youth. He has worked with multiple organizations throughout the community along with a variety of local schools. However, his reputation was established, in large part, through his professional relationship with the Long Beach Polytechnic High School Athletic department, a nationally recognized sports powerhouse. The experience led to working with top tier athletes like Desean Jackson, OJ Mayo, Demar Derozan, and many others while they were in high school. He was able to experiment with techniques due to the access he gained to these exceptionally gifted young athletes.

Access begets access. Testimonies of his techniques found the ears of athletes at more advanced stages in their careers. He soon found himself at collegiate National championships, professional World Championships, and then, the penultimate, Olympic Games.  He gained notoriety as the personal travel doctor to Olympic Champions Felix Sanchez, Carmelita Jeter (the world’s fastest woman), and Dawn Harper. Touring with these exceptional, world champion athletes gained him the opportunity to treat others with exceptional talents. He is called upon by, and has toured the world with, professional entertainers like Janet Jackson, Usher, and Diddy.



No more lying down on filthy floors. It’s a new way to foam roll.

Stand up foam rolling allows you to use your body weight to leverage pressure on the muscles that are typically difficult to foam roll.

Have you tried to foam roll the hamstrings or calves? Its a waste of time!

Can you get a good release on your shins or upper body areas like the chest, shoulder or neck?

What about the plantar fascia?

The Doc N’ Roll doesn’t miss a beat and it picks up the slack for the traditional foam roller.