About Doc N' Roll

The Creator

Dr. Craig Dossman, Jr, known affectionately to his friends and patients as ‘Doc’, is touted as one of the top sports medicine practitioners in Southern California. He is sought out by competitors at every level, from youth sporting leagues to Elite Olympic athletes, as well as professional entertainers for whom physical fitness and athletic execution are paramount to success. 

This is what he says about his inspiration for this amazing creation:

"One of the most obvious short comings of the traditional foam roller was exposed to me as a sports chiropractor. Dealing mainly with runners I found hamstring tightness to be an issue I wanted to give home care instructions for because it seemed to require regular attention. It wasn't worth spending the money for unnecessary office visits if they could help themselves at home. I had elite athletes on the road and oftentimes out of the country.

Flying seems to worsen hamstring tightness because of the extended sitting. In my attempts to help remotely I found myself consistently failing in the area of the hamstring and calves. Foam rolling these areas seemed to be such a waste of time. They only had the peace of mind to know that they had gone through the motions.

They would get off the ground unaffected. I would be at a loss. We tried rollers that vibrate, rollers that would heat up, even rollers that you could freeze. None of these ideas were the solution. They were great marketing ideas but that's all.

One day I was instructing someone on how to foam roll the hamstring using a softball. I didn't feel like getting down on the floor so I put the ball on the treatment table. This was the game changer moment! I learned that the solution to the ineffectiveness of the foam roller for releasing the posterior chain musculature was "leverage"! I needed to put my body weight on the area and have the ability to guide the level of pressure placed on the muscle. This was and is impossible to do on the ground. Gravity has already won!

I immediately began to work on the solution. I drilled a hole through that softball. I found an old lady walker and a little step ladder as my platform to place this ball. Once I realized that the issue was solved I began to work with an engineer to create and original design that would be lightweight, portable, durable, and adjustable to height.


early stage model of anti-gravity foam roller
Early 2nd Generation sketch of anti-gravity foam rollerCreator and designers of anti-gravity foam roller

I work with so many body types and heights. I work with little kids, NBA/NFL players, and senior citizen marathoners. This needed to work for everyone. This is when I began to use my patients for my R&D!  Thanks to them I believe I have developed a product second to none in this niche. There is nothing even close. I've already seen a copy cat or two and it's still not even close!

What separates the Doc N' Roll is a full body muscle release protocol. I've been able to solve more than just the hamstring problem. Now I can help someone with tennis elbow, and neck pain. I have sciatica protocols and other condition based protocols to help fix your chronic issues. I've also developed a protocol to increase your flexibility with the Doc N' Roll. This isn't even a consideration with the copy cats. If you know anything at all about muscle release and foam rolling, you won't need 30 seconds to be able to make up your mind that the Doc N' Roll is in a league of its own! I can say this with all confidence!"


Doc is loved and respected within the Long Beach community for his care and dedication to the youth. He has worked with multiple organizations throughout the community along with a variety of local schools. However, his reputation was established, in large part, through his professional relationship with the Long Beach Polytechnic High School Athletic department, a nationally recognized sports powerhouse. The experience led to working with top tier athletes like Desean Jackson, OJ Mayo, Demar Derozan, and many others while they were in high school. He was able to experiment with techniques due to the access he gained to these exceptionally gifted young athletes.

Access begets access. Testimonies of his techniques found the ears of athletes at more advanced stages in their careers. He soon found himself at collegiate National championships, professional World Championships, and then, the penultimate, Olympic Games.  He gained notoriety as the personal travel doctor to Olympic Champions Felix Sanchez, Carmelita Jeter (the world’s fastest woman), and Dawn Harper. Touring with these exceptional, world champion athletes gained him the opportunity to treat others with exceptional talents. He is called upon by, and has toured the world with, professional entertainers like Janet Jackson, Usher, and Diddy.



No more lying down on filthy floors. It’s a new way to foam roll.

Stand up foam rolling allows you to use your body weight to leverage pressure on the muscles that are typically difficult to foam roll.

Have you tried to foam roll the hamstrings or calves? Its a waste of time!

Can you get a good release on your shins or upper body areas like the chest, shoulder or neck?

What about the plantar fascia?

The Doc N’ Roll doesn’t miss a beat and it picks up the slack for the traditional foam roller.